About Face(s) Socks
Pair of Cotton Socks, Edition of 111
" x
" x

About Face(s), 2018, Tarah Douglas. The creation of these faces began as a meditation. The goal was to create a character in one succinct motion. These simplified faces expanded to the faces you see now, a collective of experiences floating together.

Tarah Douglas is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is primarily centered around photography, fiber works, and graphic explorations. Her work is conceptually motivated, grappling with notions of identity, race, gender, and class through the lens of mysticism, ritual, and performance. By extending beyond aesthetic purposes, these pieces speak about the phenomenon of existence‚ÄĒexisting within a culture and existing without a culture, and acknowledging the impact of these cultures imposing themselves upon a subject. In this way, each of her works poses questions in hopes to open a dialogue around the subject matter. Her latest series, Studies of Jahyne was recently featured in the New York Times. Tarah holds a B.F.A from University of Michigan. She currently resides in Newark, NJ.

spr 19 - fabric