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Pardon me (for being gucci)
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spr 19 - fabric

Pardon me (for being gucci)

— Jamel Robinson

Jamel Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of writing, performance, abstract expressionist painting and sculpture. His work has sold to a variety of prominent collectors and gained Robinson popularity in the US and abroad. Jamel lives and works out of his studio in Harlem where he was born and raised.

“nigger-red lipstick,”

green nooses

and a black faced nuisance

we used to call GUCCI


eye paid two g’s

for the pain

of my master’s mistakes

and everybody

on the street knew me


how low can I go

with my logo


Uncle Tom Sawyer’s

red regrets

a moving picture rushes

toward a redirect

respect is a no-no

and we neglect

to hold our ground again


like H&M

like Vogue Brazil


Like Harlem —


I guess we still niggers

till we pardoned.