Creative Director

Image Courtesy Dani Morla

Tears in my eyes, joy in my heart !

As we landed I felt something different inside of me, my heart was beating faster, and this immense feeling of joy, love and gratitude took over my whole being. Tears started running through my eyes... I was incredibly happy like if I was Alice in Wonderland, but I wasn’t, it was just me aligned and connected with the motherland, INDIA.

The purpose of my journey was to attend for the very first time to a sacred music festival in the North of India, in a small town called Nagaur, but been in such a magnificent rich country how can not get the most of it and travel through the Rajasthan, I visited Jodhpur and Jaipur, all my expectations were too modest, India was by far Wonderland to me, I never felt that way before and I never felt it again elsewhere, but every time I have been back.

The people, the landscape, the architecture, the temples, the palaces, the colors, the smells, the sounds, the food, the music, the handcrafted work, the culture, the history, the devotion to God, I could go on and on but I should say the most important thing THE ENERGY !

Most common and normal things like have a walk and a cup of tea became a celebration of joy  and love, there was something in the air. I could breathe it, feel it... There was MAGIC, that was it !

I finally reached Nagaur to start my three days sacred music festival experience, since the minute I walked into the Maharaja’s Palace I knew something beyond was about to happen, it was a dream, like been part of a fairy tale surrounded by angels chanting their prayers to the God of their faith, we devotees and guests were drinking that sacred flow of pure energy until the last drop. 

There was nothing else to do but to be present, be there living the experience.

Somehow I was traveling through time in history, my spiritual awakening and intuition were both stronger, and they were driving me to the endless land of God where JOY, LOVE and COMPASSION were the only currency available.

Unexpectedly the fear, anger, sadness, and some other demons just fainted away.. PEACE was my new shield, and it was there free and available to me.

I finally felt deep in my heart I belonged somewhere else…


Born in Caracas, Dani is a citizen of the world, who has lived in the world’s metropoles. He first worked as jewellery designer in NewYork and fulfilled his love for the fashion, working as a stylist and casting director, when he moved to Barcelona. In 2006, he decided to step up his game and relocated to Cannes, where he worked as Art Director for the 3.14 Hotel. A few years later, he started working in Paris with La Clique, Lionel Bensemoun and André Saraiva’s creative agency. He collaborated with Mourad Mazouz “Momo” as Art Director and PR of Momo in London during a year, before returning to Paris to continue his work with La Clique, this time as PR Director for over five years. One of his latest commitments took him to Miami, where he worked as Art Director for the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. In 2017 in partnership with Michael Kimmoun he found Morla Creation, a creative multidisciplinary agency based in Paris. He’s still doing what he’s knows the best: enjoying life!